Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Animation Porfolio

These are the different categories required for the animation portfolio. Each were marked on different criteria and were given an average grade out of 4.

I should warn you that my scanner destroys everything.

The first section was Observational Life drawing


Animal Drawings:

Hand Drawings:

The average for this section was 2 /4; the score sheet said that my proportion and line quality were weak.

The second section was Character Design

Character Rotation:

Action Poses:

I am not proud of this second action pose, the proportion and angles don't make any sense. This one I had the most difficulty with in the entire portfolio.

Expression Sheet:

My average grade for this section was 4/4.

The fourth section only had one requirement: Storyboarding.

This was a definate improvement from last year.

My average grade on this section was 4/4.

The fourth section was Layout

Free Hand Household Object Drawings:

Free Hand Room Line Drawings:

My average grade for this section was 3/4

The last section was personal artwork, but I won't post that here, you can see that on my deviantArt page. The final score for that section was 3/4.

My total score was 3.11/4, and the minimum requirement was 2.99. Last year the minimum requirement was 2.97 and i scored 2.22. A very big difference if you ask me.

I know that I will definitely have to make an extra effort in Life Drawing this coming September. From now until then you probably won't see much from me. Maybe some character development and observational drawings every now and then, but I'm not making any promises.


  1. Yeah, I need to focus on life drawing too, that was my weakest area on the portfolio.

  2. congrats on getting in last year - not trying to be too critical, but I am surprised that your storyboard received 4/4 - I am sure if you look back now, you would see how much you've grown in your work. Also I agree with you on your one action pose, and again surprised you got 4/4 on this. Thanks for posting these and your grades, much appreciated